Tours with Tutivillus

Some time ago I was asked about my tours, where could they be found, and where could be some hints about where I guide…

I had a problem – what to point. Because besides my short essays (or whatever I might call those scribblings here) I have no place to direct to my tours.

I tailor them – this is true. Everytime I do a tour precisely constructed to the needs of a group. However I also have some tours ready. I have been performing them for years, modifying them en route, but the general stem remains unchanged.

So here they are…

1.     Elblag – east of Gdansk

2.     Elbląg Canal – sailing and riding the boat

3.     Frombork – at the world’s end

4.     Gdansk – a good apetizer

5.     Gdansk – neither rash nor timid

6.     Stutthof – former German Concentration Camp

7.     Malbork Castle (an absolute MUST when in Poland) this tour only can be done by the certified Malbork Castle guide

8.     Malbork Castle night tour  (this only can be done by the certified Malbork Castle guide)

9.     Torun – come and touch the gothic

10.   Culinary Tours – which besides the splendid views of the Malbork Castle, give the opportunity to participate in the process of food preparation.

11.   Ancestral and genealogical tours – especially in the two north regions of Poland (Pomerania & Warmia-Mazury – former East Prussia)

12.    I also gladly guide tours in former East Prussia – i.e. in Poland’s northeast region. But those demand a bit of work to describe them  and I tailor them specially for the needs of my groups.

13.    I organize family celebrations – in different locations

14.    Since I have been honored by travelling with Mennonite groups for about 13 years now – I specialize in the Menonnite Settlements in Poland.